Final Installation

In Douglas Crimp’s essay “Pictures” he addresses the role of the image “caption.”

He states, “The caption did not state the signification of the picture; rather it provided the drawing with a meaning that is did not otherwise have.”

I found that our digital lifestyles create the perfect example of this action. The artists (account holders) are re-contextualizing their images and skewing the audience’s interpretation.

Identity is tangible. Our time is spent posting pictures (“art”) of ourselves to “make a statements.” The image posted becomes lost in a mass of pictures that may or may not look or feel visually similar. Due to the inaccessibility of these images, the captions are able to speak for themselves. Thus the picture becomes dependent on the caption to create meaning and will take on a different connotation without it.

My installation requires the audience to apply their own self reflection through other identities.

{ May 23, 2012    4 Assignment 7   

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