Generative System (1st/2nd Draft Video)

Here’s a link  to a screen capture video of the webpage that I made. The footage of scrolling by just holding down the right arrow was about 8 minutes long, so I sped it up quite a bit. In the second iteration of this assignment, I chose to create a nearly infinite field of Jane Browns. I took the first google image that came up when I searched “Jane Brown” and made her the poster woman for all of us. All of the images lie on the same horizontal line, but vary in distance from the lefthand side of the screen according to that particular Jane Brown’s distance from me. On this webpage, 1 inch=1 mile roughly. So, you have to scroll for a while to get to the Jane Browns in California. I enjoy the notion that I can begin to sense the distance between me and all of the other versions of me across the nation. We’re all over the place.


{ May 23, 2012    4 Assignment 6   

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