In-Class Generative System

The goal of this in-class assignment is to ‘eliminate the subjective viewpoint of the author’ by making work using the following generative system. The system should lead to unexpected images.

Take a walk lasting one hour.
1. For the first 15 minutes:
Photograph every piece of litter or trash you come across. The litter should take up the majority of the frame. Do not touch the item (turn it over, etc.). You are all making simple documents of litter.
2. For the next 15 minutes:
With your lens fully zoomed, point your camera to your left at a consistent interval (about a minute) and take a picture. Hold the camera at your waist and do not look through the camera lens. Time your pictures to the chorus of a song you can sing, to a phone timer or something else. You may not end up with 15 pictures.
3. For the next 15 minutes:
Photograph any circle you see.
4. For the next 15 minutes:
Photograph any solid color that has not been printed on and is larger than one foot squared. Here you are collecting colors from the environment more than taking good pictures.

Upload your favorite photograph with the reasons why it’s your favorite in a new post and attach it to assignment 5.

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