Occupation handbook outlook


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  1. AhHyung says:

    comments for Soohyun.

    consider about using big wire for binding or coiling around.

    suggestion about typefaces in ‘significant point’
    – not stand out much
    – move ‘nature of the work’ to other space so it can have more spaces around ‘significant point’
    – change the leading size

    suggestion about type treatment
    – too many styles (italic, regular, heavy…), just use 2 type faces.

    ‘profession’ : have more leading size

    suggestion about body type : not that readable, too wide themselves (if you use wider column, it would be better)

    just use little bar that indicates where readers are.

    “A” page : make it more interesting (e.g. index, table of contents, give it small fun, identity… )

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