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  1. Da Hee Kong says:

    18*24 in, perfect bound.
    A big spread is folded and used as a cover.
    Overall aesthetic form mimics a catalogue
    *Comment: Critical matter should be overprinted on the cover.
    (ex. Occupation Outlook Handbook 2010-2011)

    Smaller page is introduced before the profession description:
    Bigger sized title for occupation (ex: Administrative Service Managers) placed on top of the page.
    Smaller sized title for main category (ex: Management) placed on the bottom of the page.
    *Comment: Edges are small. (Thin margins)

    Table starts on the left page and moves across to the right page.
    *Comment: The number may be cut/lost when bound.

    Overall Comments:

    *May have to consider a heavier typeface weight. Could vary the size of the type. First sentence could be always bigger than rest of the paragraph to take away the monotony of the information.
    *Create a moment where the category is identified with the placement of tabs on the margins.
    *Consider playing with the text-boxes to give more life.
    *Work on title labeling (Earnings, Nature of Work…)
    *Play with gutter – running into gutter is okay, but we don’t want to read in the gutter.
    *Dotted underline on page numbers – where are you bringing attention to? The distance between the descenders and the line itself (maybe control offset of the line? make it echo the typeface?)

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