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  1. Ashley says:

    DIvision of top and bottom page
    significant content works separately but interacting with it
    Summary of occupation
    – Qualification , Job prospects, earnings, and work environment
    Pictures- full spread – introduces the different professions
    – all the divisions are corresponding within the context
    main categories are remained the same

    Upper right indicates the next professions
    fewer pages on the top parts
    how the reader absorbs the information
    directory and professions indicate with the page #

    Do some thinking around the texts- white space
    Title- bolder, heavier
    top- is too loose
    – right align so the text on the bottom page will be altogether
    – geometric/images that connects between two pages mights work better
    – half of the #? might work or the scale
    – downplay the number or the title
    – give the reader some order on the top pages

    right side
    – TOP: give the profession title on the outside? or on the picture
    – hit the spread with the profession name?
    – make them structurally working together- different material for different professions

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