Tori: Occupation Spread

{ Mar 21, 2012    4 Assignment 3   

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  1. Jane says:


    -Same proportions as model
    -Tab pages (11 major categories ) organized alphabetically and then jobs organized within each section


    -tinker with projections data chart…..remove some white space on this mage (tidy up)
    -no signifiers on edge – think about adding some breaks or stop moments….job occupation can move to the side (something that moves around rather than stays in the same place)
    -John likes that you put the numbers first (highlighting information that changes is a good thing)
    -Significant points is underplayed (bring up in hierarchy)….similar situations is overplayed.
    -Play up the highlighting….things that are specific to the occupation? Come up with a system. Set that up in character styles so that you can go back and forth.
    -Find a new image….try difference search terms and different sources.
    -Finalize grid sooner rather than later…
    -Milan said something about moving the words on the edges to different locations…folios could align to left margin.

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