Collected Book_Da Hee



The whole book bases its system on a horizon line that divides the
book into 1:2 ratio. The placement of type and image has been decided
upon this invisible and sometimes visible line throughout the book.

1. Cover: Black and White
The division of the front cover serves as an introduction to the
underlying system of the book.

2. Chapter Division: Title of chapter is placed under the horizontal line.

3. Chapter 1&3: Whole page image with visual elements that divide the
image into 1/3 and 2/3.

4. Chapter 2: Reflection of aesthetics of the cover. Interaction between
image and text. Whenever text appears in smaller (upper) page, figure on
bigger page isplaced vertically. Whenever text appears in bigger page,
figure on smaller page is placed horizontally. However, this system can be
altered by the viewer as he/she can interact with the separate pages.



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