Tori: Final System

Let’s try this again.

For my final project, I was interested in creating the system for a visual journey. The journey I chose is a trip I’ve taken too many times and spans about 1,000 miles. I was most interested in this line derived from the map of the trip and using it as a tracker of sorts for the reader. The images are ones I’ve taken on this trip and each correspond to a line from Google Maps directions.

I struggled a lot with this project. I felt pretty lost throughout my process and never really found my footing. In revisiting this assignment, I played more with the line to bring some life to the book and added more of my personal experience. However, through this project and all my past ones, I learned a lot about creating systems. What I found most interesting were the unexpected systems that grew out of the system(s) already set in place.
{ Jun 1, 2012    4 Assignment 7   

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